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A Day in the Life of a Mid-Finals D2

December 13, 2010

Here, in the middle of finals week we cram so much into every moment, the days all seem to blur together!  So rather than just run through the events of any single day, I thought describing the last half of last week would be a good way to portray “life as a D2.”  No doubt about it, it’s a lot of hard work and a lot of fun!
Thursday was particularly hectic.  Lecture/quiz from 8-9 for our “Oral Diagnosis” course.  From 9-11 we took our Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry (written) final exam.  We had the 11 o’clock hour off to grab lunch (and catch our breath!) before resuming with more last minute studying. From 1-2 we had a paper due and lecture for Comprehensive Care Seminar.  From 2-3 we had another final exam in “Oral Facial Function.”  (Whew, that was not an easy course!)  From 3-5 we had 2 more lectures in Dental Therapeutics for our most difficult and time consuming course “Integrated Medical Sciences” (aka “IMS”).  Exhausted, I walked home.  I live about a mile away and enjoy the chance to stretch my legs and clear my thoughts through all types of Michigan weather!  After a quick supper with my wife and kids, it was back to another late night studying for me!  Truth be told, it was one of the more grueling days we’ve had yet as dental students!

Friday was our final IMS lecture from 8-9.  Those of us who had satisfactorily finished “festooning” (sculpting wax to resemble soft tissues in a complete denture) got the instructor “sign-off” and could leave lecture/lab early, which most of us did.  From here we mostly split up and got back into our studying rhythm.  I joined a couple of friends at a favorite restaurant where we typically ask each other test questions we make up as we review our notes.  Mercifully, we had off the last half of the morning and early afternoon before we took our last IMS “end module exam” from 2-4pm.  From there, most people I know went home to ‘veg out’ or take a nap before going out with friends to celebrate the completion of a very tough week.

Image by TopRow via Flickr

I have to mention Saturday so you don’t get the idea that dental school is all work and no play, not so!  With more final exams the following Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I couldn’t take too much time off though.  After putting in a couple hours on Saturday morning, I went on a “date with my wife,” joining my classmates to be part of the world-record largest crowd to ever see a hockey game.  Outdoor hockey, hosted at the “Big House,”  Michigan Stadium, was alive with over 113,000 Wolverines fans cheering our team on to a 5-0 win versus rival Michigan State.  What fun!  I live within walking distance of the stadium so after the celebratory walk home, I drove off to one of the local arenas where I play in an adult hockey league myself.  It’s a great stress reliever!  From there I went home, had supper, watched a movie then went to bed early.  As you might guess I slept like a rock!  
Refreshed from all of Saturday’s fun, I studied hard all day Sunday, then hit the ground running Monday morning!  With one more final in the bag (Complete Dentures from 10-12) that catches me up to this moment writing this up essay on “A day in the life of a D2!”  No time to waste, I’ve got to get back to the books -2 more finals to go!
Kevin Lukis enjoys walking, playing hockey, cheering on the Wolverines and spending time with family and friends.  As an undergrad he majored in biology and went on to enjoy a 12-year career in dental technology sales.  He jokingly refers his decision to apply to dental school and become a dentist as his “mid-life crisis” done a decade early, since he can’t afford a cherry-red Lamborghini!

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