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A Day in the Life of a D3

December 20, 2010

Day in the Life of a D3

Greetings to the University of Michigan Dental School blog! My name is Steve Davis and I am writing to let give some insight on how a typical (or not so typical) day in the life of a third year dental student.

After finishing the first two years of academic and pre-clinical courses with some clinical experiences, we finally are in the clinics full time. First, there is no such thing as a routine day of lecture and clinic in the morning, followed by lecture and clinic in the afternoon. Mornings usually start by checking your e-mail and voicemail for any updates or notifications from patient care coordinators or patients. Heading to the basement to visit Central Records, an essential stop for all patient care, we pick up our patient’s charts for the day. Next, take the stairs or catch the elevator up to your respective clinic, check your cube assignment and setup the cube for the morning appointment. Then, review the chart, radiographs, and make a few mental notes on what kind of materials will be needed from dispensing.

Next, it’s off to 8 am lecture.

After class, it’s a race to get up to clinic, jump in line to obtain instruments, initial supplies (if you didn’t pre-order) and get organized before 9 am, which is when most morning appointments begin. Generally speaking, appointments can vary in length, depending on the procedures or the number of students in clinic. After completing the morning appointment, check the patient out at the information desk, it’s off to return instruments, clean up the cube, find your afternoon assigned cube and setup for after lunch.

Lunch can be an hour of clearing your mind, going to work out at the CCRB, meetings with student groups, working on assignments, studying for classes, or running errands. The afternoon begins with lecture at 1, clinics begin at 2, and your day at school wraps up around 5. Often, there are meetings, study groups, lab work to be done, and lectures to review, which can consume the majority of your early evening.

 The days are just packed! Having a few evenings off, weekends to enjoy football games, or getting chances to explore the greater Ann Arbor area are some of the benefits of being a third year dental student. With all the commitments, schedules and requirements of third year, time management becomes paramount, but with time, it all is worthwhile!

Steve Davis is a D3 student and impressively prompt with his blog deadlines.

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