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Spring is thinking about Springing!

February 15, 2011
All the cool kids use protective gear.

All the cool kids use protective gear

I actually heard birds chirping today! A lovely walk around Kerrytown, the sun is shining and I don’t need to wear mittens and a scarf to hide every inch of skin.  Bliss.  The feeling of the sun on my bare skin, the sweet fresh air in my face.  I can feel spring creeping up on us.  I’m not going to be fooled by this reprieve, but I will enjoy it!  The winter is bound to last many more weeks, but one can dream.

I should be studying for an exam I have tomorrow.  But instead I enjoy the mild weather and anticipate things to come.  Dreaming of fun in the springtime!  A lot of dental school applicants ask if it is possible to have a life while in dental school.  As a third year student, all-night study sessions and weekends spent in the pre-clinic lab are distant memories.  But I do remember that amidst all of that, I was able to squeeze in some fun here and there!  You certainly work hard and have less time for yourself than perhaps you were once accustomed to, but rest assured, it is possible to have a social life in dental school.  In fact, it can be a fabulous social life.  So many friends around, all more or less on the same schedule as you, and certainly all just as much in need of a night out.  Recipe for a good time.

Nice shorts!

And now that I am dreaming of winter melting away and spring emerging from under the snow, all I can think about is the fun that awaits.  Baseball games, running in the Arb, rollerblading along the river, floating down the river with friends in tubes, bike rides across town… aah.  In the meantime though, I guess I should probably study for my exam.


Hillary Mendillo, a D3, enjoys long walks on the beach, biking and tubing.  And cake.


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