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From Dental Assisting to Dr. Dentist

February 16, 2011

My name is Shannon and here is what it was like for me during the application process. I had applied to dental school three times before I was accepted. Apparently, the third time was my lucky charm. I learned a lot along the way and have since tried to act as a mentor and guide to the Pre-Dental students at Eastern Michigan University who are now preparing themselves for an experience I am all too familiar with. One of the greatest bits of knowledge I learned from my re-application was that patience truly is a virtue. Dedication goes a long way, when you put your heart and soul into your dreams.

I had just recently finished my last pre-dental requirements in the winter of 2010. O’ how that physics bends the mind in ways one never could imagine.  In the spring of ’10, prior to my new application I decided to give the DAT another try. I studied all through the summer, mean while since I had already taken the exam, I figured it was best to get my application submitted as soon as the AADSAS portal was made available. Immediately following the exam, the test clerk refused to give me a copy of my unofficial DAT score. I didn’t think to look at the score on screen because I “knew” I was getting a copy of it and I wanted to get out of there and go have coffee ASAP with my mother. It was nearing eight weeks when the ADA happily sent me an official copy of my scores, and to my surprise, my scores were better than what I thought!  That was so exciting.

Photo courtesy of elise @ vitriolicviolin on flickr

The weather was wonderful and the seasons were changing. Fall was nearing, and the air was becoming crisp. I had begun working more hours at the dental office I assist at since I completed my pre-dental requirements. My free time was loaded with hours spent at the clinic, working for the Pre-Dental Association at EMU, or studying.  As winter started to approach, one afternoon I had just gotten home from working at the clinic. I always check my email immediately when arriving at home and I noticed I got an email from the University of Michigan. To my pleasant surprise, I was being invited for an interview (this is early November)! I was so excited I immediately called one of my mentors.  When she picked up the phone I started crying from excitement and she couldn’t understand me. She feared the worst, the poor thing!  Finally, I mumbled out the words “I got an interview; UofM invited me for an interview”!  We were so incredibly excited.

The interview was held in early January which was an incredible experience.  My greatest challenge in preparing for my interview was deciding on what to do with my crazy ringlet curls! The morning of my interview, I think I had one of the best hair days of my life! The MMIs created a low stress environment which allowed me to remain calm and just be myself.  It was incredible to meet all the different personalities of the school, the diversity is reassuring. The exposure to the curriculum and options pertaining to the outreach program really caught my interest. It wasn’t even a month later that I received my acceptance. It was the most wonderful news I have heard in a long time. It is no doubt that my dedication, devotion and sincerity have granted me the path to pursue my dreams.  After almost nine years dental assisting, I am on my way to achieving my dream which is now becoming my reality. I was accepted to the University Of Michigan School Of Dentistry after an incredibly long pursuit.  I am so proud to claim that I am a Wolverine and my husband promises to help me learn more about football. I am so excited to embark on this endeavor and I could not have made it this far, without the support of my wonderful husband David, our families, friends and mentors. I am forever grateful and I will make you all proud. Go Blue!

Shannon R. Barth is an incoming member of the Class of 2015 and has been a Dental Radiography certified Dental Assistant since 2002.  She married her high school sweetheart of 12 years in 2006, enjoys spending time with her husband and family, fine coffee and wines, playing sports, working out and shoe shopping.

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  1. February 16, 2011 7:53 pm

    That is quite a journey Shannon! It feels good when hard work pays off doesn’t it!

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