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Practicum Planning- DH3

February 22, 2011

Midterms are approaching for the dental hygiene students this week.  While the dental students are on spring break, we’ll be studying and taking midterm exams.  The following week will be our spring break!  Overall, the semester is going by extremely fast.  Once spring break is over, there will only be a few weeks left before the semester is done.  However, for the DH3 students we have a large scale project to complete this summer.  We have to design and implement our practicum assignments.  Practicum is a partnership between UM dental hygiene students and a community site of our choice.  The idea is to expand on or establish a new program related to oral health; that will benefit the organization and/or community.

My partner and I decided to work with a PA 161 program in the Washtenaw County District.  In 2005, Public Act 161 was approved and allows a dental hygienist to provide preventive dental hygiene services to underserved patients.  Under PA 161 a dental hygienist may perform dental hygiene services for patients who are not “assigned by a dentist” or a dentist’s “patient of record”.  My partner and I will be working with the Washtenaw Success by 6 services, under the direction of Kelly Stupple, MSEd.  Our program will focus on providing oral health screenings, fluoride varnishes, and information for parents about federally funded dental insurance for their children.

Along with preparing for boards and completing various projects, I have a busy summer ahead, lol.  However, I am looking forward to the new things I will learn outside of the classroom that will help me become an excellent hygienist!

Elizabeth Easter is a current 3rd year dental hygiene student, orginially from Detroit, MI.  She obtained her B.S. degree in Biology from Howard University in 2007.  Elizabeth has a passion for community development, and plans to work in community dentistry in the future.

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