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Life After the North East Regional Board

March 16, 2011

North East Regional Board

The scourge of any D4 is the dental licensing exam. For most University of Michigan dental students, this is the North East Regional Board (a.k.a. the NERB). On March 5 and 6 of this year was the scheduled date of our clinical NERB.  Included in this section of the exam are the periodontal and restorative sections. I was fortunate to be able to have been scheduled on March 5 (Saturday) and that all three of my patients actually showed up for the exam. After a long, stressful, and horrible day I left with a hesitant anticipation.  It was a day I will never forget. I found out three days later that I had passed! I’ve never been more excited to hear test results.

            Now that I’ve passed the NERB, it’s cruise control until graduation. I have a few test cases to finish in the clinic but nothing should be too difficult. The overall stress level of the D4 class has pretty much dropped to zero now that the NERB is complete. Additionally, our D4 class banquet is in a couple weeks and people are starting to get excited to get together and celebrate the last four years.

           The light at the end of the tunnel is certainly in reach now. The last four years have flown by. I can remember my first day coming to dental school like it was yesterday. I’ve learned so much and am excited to move past this part of life.

Drew Moeller graduates in 43 days!  Congrats to Drew and the entire graduating University of Michigan School of Dentistry Class of 2011!  For commencement info, please see our website: ttp://

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