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Signing on for another 3 years!

October 10, 2011

Last time I posted I was finishing my PASS application for periodontics and completing my applications for the schools who do not accept PASS. First, what’s PASS? PASS stands for Postdoctoral Application Support Services, through the ADEA and is a national application that is used for some graduate programs. Some graduate programs use PASS, others use MATCH, which is a similar national application where you rank your schools and they rank you, then if you “match” offers will be made on a predetermined day that varies from specialty to specialty. Other programs do not use any application service and have their own individual application, and each program requires transcripts, board scores, and letters of recommendation.

Periodontics is a three year residency with programs offering a certificate, others a master’s degree and a certificate, with the majority of the applications being due around mid-July or August 1st. Several programs have earlier dates, and some later deadlines, however this year the AAP (American Association of Periodontology) set the official first day to offer resident positions on September 2nd.

Based on conversations with my faculty and geographical locations, I applied to seven programs, received interviews at four, and got accepted to two programs. During my August interviews, I visited different parts of the country, met some incredible people, and experienced some interesting feats of nature. I felt the east coast earthquake while on a plane sitting on the tarmac in Philadelphia, narrowly missed Hurricane Irene, and had a flight change course on a return trip to Detroit due to severe thunderstorm/tornado watches. After careful consideration, I accepted a position here at the University of Michigan and am very happy to be spending three more years in Ann Arbor! I appreciate knowing where I will be for the next few years and being able to make the most of my D4 year and focus on my rotations and other requirements.

Everywhere I went, one common theme came up in conversation, was the reputation of tradition and excellence at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. I am proud to say that I am from U of M and it dawned on me when I was watching a commercial for U of M, and I know it sounds scripted, but there is a Michigan Difference!

I wish the rest of my classmates who are beginning the interview process in the other specialties of dentistry the best of luck and congrats to those who have already accepted!

Steve Davis, D4, can be found in Section 28, Row 12, Seat 2 on football Saturdays and loves the fall weather. He welcomes any questions or topics and can be reached at

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