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Give Kids a Smile 2013

February 11, 2013

ImageWhile the snowy weather causing difficult driving conditions may have hindered the turn out for this year’s Give Kids a Smile Event at the University of Michigan, the event was still a success in the eyes of the children who received care as well as the enthusiastic volunteers that worked tirelessly through the day.   We were especially grateful with the group of volunteers who whole-heartedly gave their entire Saturday.  This included countless dentists, specialists, dental hygiene students, dental students, dental assistants, pre dental students, and staff members.  These volunteers treated 27 patients, working from before 9am until 2:30 pm.  This work included exams for all the patients, prophys for 25, and fluoride varnish for 15.  Oral health instruction was given to all of the patients and their families, both in the clinic and in the waiting room.  In preparation for operative treatment, 57 radiographs were taken.  Finally, 26 sealants, five composites, and one stainless steel crown were placed, followed by 5 extractions.  For the few patients in need of operative care, multiple full quadrants were completed, and for many of these children this meant they would be out of pain when they left the clinic.  We are proud of the care that our volunteers provided this year, and we are already looking forward to next year’s Give Kids a Smile!

Whitney Yahn and Raya Abu-Zahra
2013 Give Kids a Smile Co-Coordinators

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