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D1 Wrap-Up – Flossoraptors are D2s!

May 6, 2013

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Well, that’s a wrap folks. The Flossoraptor’s are newly minted D2’s and what a year it has been! In reference to the movie Rent, “How do you measure, measure a year?” – a year in the life of a first year dental student of course. How about 51 exams, 83 quizzes, 18 practicals, and 16 projects? (Thank you Spencer for your superb record keeping). Or maybe, hours playing Candy Crush Saga, Pinteresting, or finding memes on tumblr? Just kidding, no one does that in dental school.  In the past 10 months we have accomplished so much and it feels like just yesterday we were at D1 orientation frantically taking “a test”. We were able to look back at these photos, laugh, and realize all the fun we’ve had and friendships we’ve made. Who knew you could learn so much about fascia, rubber dams, and the importance of giving customers the pickle in the first few weeks of class? I didn’t know any of this before I came here. I want to thank my fellow classmates for making my first year experience so memorable. Everyone came together sharing a common goal and I look forward to the next three years with the ambitious class of 2016 by my side. I don’t know what I would do without the class calendar to keep me on track, helpful study guides, hygienist review sessions, and quizlets- my personal favorite. The tooth photo chelsea blogcollaborative effort by all has made getting through the hours studying that much more enjoyable. This year I have learned the importance of finding balance in my life in and out of the classroom. I have found that quality over quantity helps me get through the rigorous workload and finding time to sleep, workout, and do something you love each day makes everything manageable. It is such a privilege to be part of the School of Dentistry and I am thankful each day that I am here- even when things get really stressful. When not in the four walls of G378 we made our mark in IM sports, fundraising for Dance Marathon, and volunteering at various events around the community. We had fun tailgating, watching Michigan compete in the NCAA championship, and hosting chili and macaroni ‘n’ cheese cook-offs for charity. I’m looking for stiff competition on the next challenge, by the way. During the past year three dental babies were welcomed into the class with the addition of Jack, Aela, and Violet and their pictures give us all something to smile about.  Many congratulations to those who celebrated weddings and engagements this past year and to everyone, we are a quarter of the way on our journey to becoming dentists! This summer semester shall bring clinical rotations, the continuation of Monday haikus, groovy mornings in pre-clinic, and hopefully some Friday’s by the pool. Cheers, eh!

Chelsea Pinozek hails from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (Escanaba). She is looking forward to a few weekends boating with her family in Door County this summer, spoiling her fur baby Nuggie, and Michigan football come fall.

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