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The sweet sounds of… Dentistry?

May 7, 2013

Kevin Kuo, fresh into his D4 year, has sent us a new video.  This time he takes on Feel Again with his violin- and a set of 10 dental instruments for percussion.

In his own words:

“Many fear going to the dentist because of the drill. What many find terrifying, I find can be elegant and beautiful. This is my portrayal of what dentistry sounds like to me. It’s all about perspective 🙂

I first came upon the idea to produce this video when I noticed how so many of my patients at the dental school fear not just going to the dentist but specifically the sounds they hear while receiving treatment. Because I hear it all day, everyday, I have grown accustomed to all the sounds and rarely notice it anymore. In other words, the sounds do not elicit any fear in me–if anything, they evoke happiness.

I hope this video helps change the perspective about going to the dentist, especially the sounds patients hear. As you can see and hear, even dental instruments can make music. The drill at the end, for instance, provides the gentle whispers that help accompany the violin solos. Hopefully, this video can help people to feel good rather than bad when they see, or hear, their dentist.

Please refer to the original performance and music video by OneRepublic:

I reflected many of the cinematic themes in their video in mine (i.e. colorful lights).

I love all their songs. They put a lot of meaning and heart into their music. The beat to “Feel Again” was actually made with real heartbeats from children in Malawi and Guatemala to raise awareness about children’s health.

Overall, “Feel Again” is about putting things back to perspective. We sometimes get caught in frivolous things in our lives and forget what’s really important. I’ve tried to echo that same meaning behind my cover and mirror the health issues raised as well–specifically to oral health.

Thanks for listening! :)”

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