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UMSOD Outing to the Nationally Named Cosmetic Practice of the Year

July 23, 2013
Organized by Hispanic Student Dental Association and Drs. Marcy and Craig Goldin

Organized by Hispanic Student Dental Association and Drs. Marcy and Craig Goldin

Dr. Marcy Goldin is known in the School of Dentistry as the outgoing pre-clinical row instructor, always enthusiastically involved with bringing out the best of her students’ abilities. Whether she is staying after hours, coming in on off days, or passing out her famous ‘Goldin Rules’ technique guides, Dr. Goldin is always finding creative ways to give us the help we need to hone our hand skills. However, her work does not end when she leaves the dental school. Dr. Goldin and husband Dr. Craig Goldin (both University of Michigan graduates), have built a thriving and beautiful practice in Troy, Michigan.

On July 13th, 2013, the Goldins took time out of their week to host a group of dental students as we were invited into their dental practice and home. From the first moment we walked into their office doors, it was easy to see why this practice was named nationally as the Cosmetic Practice of the Year. A visitor’s eyes are immediately caught by the wonderful architectural design complete with large fluted pillars, hanging chandeliers, beautiful aquarium, and sprawling displays of sparkling awards, recognitions, trophies, and plaques. Further exploration revealed amenities such as a massage chair, complementary paraffin wax hand treatment, and lemon scented towels. This place truly did seem to be a ‘Palace of Dentistry.’ However, the Goldins taught us that this practice did not build itself overnight. This office was 25+ years in the making and was constructed and maintained upon a foundation of several principles which we as students were happy to gain an insight to.

1. Ask not what the office can do for you; ask what you can do for the office (or patient!)
The Goldins definitely put an emphasis on two-way relationships. It’s clear that a successful practice is not built alone and involves a whole team of capable, cheerful, motivated staff and a support network to help you along the way. Building strong relationships with patients is what allowed the Goldins to expand from their original tiny starter practice, to the one which we toured that Saturday. The Goldins place a large emphasis on patient education – which is very fitting given that we are in a service driven profession. From the moment the patient is sitting in the waiting room they are exposed to patient dental education videos, so that they are on the same page as the dentist and better equipped to be a part of the treatment planning process. The doctors have also travelled to schools to deliver educational experiences which built up support in the community. The complimentary amenities, stuffed animal give-away, and attention to detail are all ways to let the patient know they are appreciated. For a new dentist, for example in an associateship, think about how you can complement what the dental practice has to offer. If the current dentist loves extractions, and you talk about your love for oral surgery – the dentist may envision you stepping on his or her toes. But if the dentist has been referring out his endo cases, which you happen to love – you likely have something very valuable to add to the practice. Think about your overall package and what valuable assets you bring to the table.
2. Attention to detail
Attention to detail displays that you are well put together and makes the patient feel comfortable. When the patient sees how much meticulous thought and care goes into the practice, it shows them that you will treat them with just as much care. Everything in the Goldins office is spotless and pristine from their state-of-the-art sterilization center and privacy quarters for sedation procedures to the magnificently designed restrooms (yes, even the restrooms were beautiful).
Walking through the halls and into the operatories is a plethora of well-coordinated paintings and artwork to which much thought was given to the selection and placement. The many awards and plaques that line the walls are all housed in matching frames, which can be seen as one walks past the front desk populated by a team of staff in clean matching suits. The Goldins attention to detail is definitely one of the qualities that allows them to stand out from the crowd.
3. Always Improving – Start on Monday
What has allowed this practice to maintain consistent success over so many years, even during the recent economic recession? The answer is consistently adapting to change by not only engaging in continuing education, but immediately implementing changes based on that education. When the Goldins attend a lecture, seminar, or training session and learn something they think is valuable, they implement that pearl of knowledge in their own practice, “on Monday.” This attitude resulted in their practice being one of the best dental homes for not only
general dentistry, but also implant, sedation, and cosmetic dentistry. The Goldins are able to avoid many obstacles by heading them off early, by learning from the experiences of others in our field. Effectively implementing changes in the dental practice allows the practice to grow and evolve with the times, forever providing a better quality and more valuable serve to the patients.
Wrapping Up
After several hours touring the office (and even receiving some nice gift bags), we ended our long day with Drs. Marcy and Craig Goldin inviting us into their home for pizza and a swimming pool party. The University of Michigan School of Dentistry provides one of the most outstanding educational experiences in the country. At the core of this experience lies the energy and enthusiasm for learning and teaching which is found in our students, staff, and faculty. These qualities were no better demonstrated than on this weekend event put together by the Hispanic Student Dental Association.

For more information about the Hispanic Student Dental Association (HSDA) “like” them on facebook and check out their pictures from the visit with the Goldins at

DeAngelo Webster is a D2 dental student born and raised in the state of Michigan. He has a passion for seeking challenges and bettering the lives of others through promoting health, happiness, positivity, and education. His goals in dentistry are to inspire confidence through his work as well as to promote diversity and equality.

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