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So You’re Graduating- But Are You Licensed?

December 23, 2013

ImageHi Seniors and Future New Dentists!

I hope everything is going really well for you all! Try to savor & enjoy this time together before graduating; once you’re done with school it becomes harder (in my opinion) to find friends like the ones you’ve made in school. I am still in Ann Arbor if anyone wants to join my friend club. 🙂

Here are the steps you need in order to practice in the State of Michigan. A few of these steps are necessary for any graduate program or general dentistry license in other states, so there’s something for everyone to look at, but obviously the state stuff only applies to Michigan.

  1. During January 2014, apply for the State Dental License and Pharmaceutical License. This application is by mail only.If you are practicing in Michigan, go to the Department of Licensing and and Regulatory Affairs HERE.If you are practicing in another state, go to that state’s health department website. The earlier you apply and send in your money, the sooner you will get your license. The (NERB, WREB, etc.) scores and NBDE scores will automatically be sent if you checked the state of practice on those applications. It’s worthwhile to call to check on your status before graduation. For your transcript, use Wolverine Access to send it, but make sure you select that you want it sent with degree posted on it, so it will mail very soon after graduation. This entire process will cost you roughly $350-$600 (State of Michigan), depending on length of your pharmacy license desired. Note:  they only accept money orders or cashier checks. After your state receives all your information, it will take them 6-8 weeks to process your application. Expect your license around late May-end of June 2014. I got mine almost 2 weeks after graduation, but that wasn’t the case for everyone. Let your future employer know that there’s no way to be sure when to start exactly.
  2. Once you receive your state license information, apply for your NPI number. This is your federal government ID number showing that you are a dental provider. You apply online and will get your number the same day. It is Free!  Follow this link HERE.
  3. Once you receive your state dental and pharmaceutical licenses, apply for your DEA number. This number allows you to write scheduled drugs/narcotics. It takes 4-6 weeks to get your number. It is $700-ish to appl and you apply online for this number. Follow this link HERE:  You can start working without your DEA, but you still need it to prescribe.

Finally, you will have to show proof of all these documents before beginning to practice. So, save all your documents, and call or check online to track your process.

With that, wherever you go, Go Blue!

Emily Kennedy, DDS

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