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Applications are OPEN, 2014 Edition

June 6, 2014

Prospective Students for the DDS Class of 2019-

Applications opclass of 2019 logoened THIS WEEK. Exciting!  What do you need to know?  Most important- Applications are viewed on a rolling basis, so the sooner you submit the sooner your application will be reviewed.

Other tips from our Admissions department:

  1. Of the three required letters of recommendation, two must be from science professors that have taught and graded you – No Exceptions!   Please be sure to mention to your professor they need to state that they have taught and graded you and to indicate the specific science course name in the letter of recommendation.
  2. If you are wondering about the status of your application, please check your email* frequently-  this is how we’ll communicate with you.  We’ll email if something is incomplete and also when your application is sent to the committee for review.
  3. The only supplemental item required is a $75 application fee.  This fee is payable online:
  4. Please let your friends know the main source of information about our school is our website!  They will find specific information on our programs and the details you need apply to our programs.
  5. What do we consider to be a Microbiology course?  Either the course name has the word “Microbiology” in it or the course is taken within the department of Microbiology and is reflected as such on your transcript.  Example:   Micro XXX

*The email you should check is the email you used on your AADSAS application.

Questions?  You can email the Admissions Office at Please note, that it can take 3-4 business days for your email to be answered. Need more info?  Check out

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