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White Coat Veteran – A D4 Perspective

July 28, 2014
untitled-94White coat for me, as a D4, is a totally different experience. Now that I have donned the white coat for a full three years and starting my fourth year, I really can see what it means to receive one. As a first year it was so exciting to get a coat so I could finally feel like I belonged in the school like all the upperclassmen. As an upperclassman now handing out coats and welcoming in a new class, it’s just as exciting as the day I received my own. It’s crazy to think about how many of them come to me with questions that three years ago I wouldn’t have known how to begin to answer. Now, however, I am able to answer most of them without thought and the ones I can’t answer I can direct them to someone who does.
It is the responsibility of the senior class to coordinate the white coat ceremony for the first years. This is a feat that a few months ago I had no idea how to pull off. With the help of administration and my great classmates, I think we pulled it off smoothly. White coat is a fun time, no matter what year you are in, but especially for first and fourth years.
Kyle is the D4 Class President and loves the movies, especially in the theater with popcorn topped with questionable “butter” and anything everything related CrossFit. Say there are barbells flying, and I’m there!

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