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August 5, 2015

Sharing an office with the Admissions team means that I hear potential students ask the #1 question all the time.  “What is your best advice about applying to dental school?” The answer, the always answer, is APPLY EARLY.  Admissions reviews applications on a rolling basis. What does that mean to you? It means that if you apply the day the admissions cycle opens, you’re among the first applicants to be reviewed.  Among the first to be discussed by the admissions committee.  And potentially, among the first to be invited to an interview and invited to join the Class of 2020.

Take a look at this video, and you’ll see that APPLY EARLY is universal advice for Dental Schools.

And a bonus bit of advice- when you’re APPLYING EARLY- make sure your application is 100% complete.  Because your application won’t be sent to the admissions committee until ALL of the application is complete.  Good Luck and Go Blue!


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