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A Dental Student’s Guide to Getting Fed in a Hurry

July 20, 2016

by Melissa Chime


Hope you washed those claws, Wolverine.

When it comes to food for hungry UMSOD students, the most important factors are proximity to the school and how quickly they can get it in their mouths. So sandwiches are a convenient and tasty way for dental students to satisfy their hunger during study breaks or between patients. Here are 5 places UMSOD students like to get their sandwiches when they’re a Wolverine without the time or claws to slice up salami and make their own.

Zingerman’s Deli

D-$ Cuban

D-$’s Cuban Conundrum- Spicy!

When most people hear the words “sandwich” and “Ann Arbor” in the same sentence, Zingerman’s Deli is usually the first place to come to mind- and rightfully so. Zingerman’s is known for their sandwiches, but they also specialize in artisan cheeses, meats, and breads. Although on the pricier side, Zingerman’s Deli is so good even President Obama had to stop by for a bite back in 2014. The delicatessen offers huge sandwiches that are sure to fill you up and leave you with enough leftover for a second meal, and because of this it’s a popular spot for UMSOD students when they’ve got a taste for a high quality sandwich. If you want to eat like a dental student, try ordering the “D-$’s Cuban Conundrum” or a classic favorite- “The Zingerman’s Reuben”. (They deliver for a $5 fee:


panera- turkey kate

The kale means it’s healthy, right?

This chain restaurant is known for their variety of soups, fresh salads, great bagels, and tasty sandwiches. They are also committed to making all of their ingredients free of artificial coloring, preservatives, and sweeteners by 2018. Too much sugar is not good for your teeth, so this commitment to ridding excess sugar in food is one of the many reasons why UMSOD students love Panera.  If you stop by and want to eat like a dental student, try ordering the roasted turkey and caramelized kale Panini with a cup of broccoli and cheddar soup on the side. (Order ahead for pick-up, or if you’re really tired, order from your table and have it delivered to you there at


diavolo piada

It looks like a burrito, but tastes like Italian love.

Piada, a thin Italian flatbread, is not only a very popular type of Italian sandwich that UMSOD students love to order, but it is also the name of the restaurant where they order it from. The casual chain restaurant serves pastas, salads, and of course- sandwiches. However, this type of sandwich is not served on your average hoagie roll, but instead on a flatbread. The restaurant is especially popular among dental students because when they’re craving Italian food but don’t have the budget for it, Piada offers great tasting pastas and sandwiches (sometimes combined together!) for half the price of your average Italian restaurant, and it can be made to-go, which is perfect for dental students who don’t have time to sit and eat in. There is one location on South State Street, about a 5-minute walk from the school of dentistry. If you’re looking to eat like a dental student, consider ordering the Diavolo Piada with steak, and a side of garlic dough to go with it. (order online to avoid those lines at


wreck potbelly

The prettiest Wreck. photo courtesy John S. via Yelp

One of the most popular sandwich shops for UMSOD students to flock to is Potbelly’s. Located on the corner of south State Street and East Liberty, this sub-shop chain is known for their delicious and warm sandwiches that are often accompanied by live music! They have sandwiches served in a variety of sizes (for those who want to indulge but not go overboard), and every sandwich is sent through an oven and toasted to a warm perfection. Even better, Potbelly’s also serves soups, salads, ice cream sandwiches, and even milkshakes! This is great for dental students who want a sandwich but are also craving something a little sweet on the side and don’t have the time to travel to another location to get it. If you’re looking to eat like a dental student, try ordering “A Wreck” and finish it off with an Oreo shake right after.(Order for pickup at:


chick-bacon-ranch subway

Does it even matter what sandwich this is? Yum.

Although most sandwiches are neither $5 nor approximately 12-inches anymore, the chain is known for making sandwiches that let customers pick from a wide range of meats, cheeses, and toppings to customize to their liking. The sandwiches are also relatively healthy, with 6-inches starting as low as 167 calories (veggie delight) which is great for dental students who want to stay in shape. There are 3 locations close to the dental school- two on South State Street and one on South University. 2 of the locations are also open until midnight, and it’s very convenient for dental students who are looking for a quick bite to eat during their midnight study sessions. If you’re looking to eat like a dental student, try ordering the chicken and bacon ranch melt- or you can make your own!

Melissa Chime, guest blogger, is a 3rd year student at THE Ohio State University, but we like her anyway. She is majoring in international relations and double minoring in Mandarin Chinese and business. 

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