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White Coat: A Lit and Flossy Friday

August 4, 2016

The whole summer term people in the school of dentistry have been talking about the coveted “white coat ceremony” as if once the jacket is placed on our shoulders we will be entirely new people. The University of Michigan School of Dentistry is unique because we are one of the first if not THE first class of 2020 dental students to receive this white coat marking a transition into clinical education. Therefore, having the ceremony this early, I did not think the coat would make much of an impact on how I looked at my education, since I feel as though I have much to learn yet in didactic courses before I jump into clinic. However, the introduction to the clinic so early is definitely an advantage.

To me what it is representing in this moment is only the very beginning to a life of learning to serve others. I don’t know much more about the profession than any layperson, but the jacket symbolizes me getting the nod from the profession saying, “You’re up”.

Excitement was at an all time high walking into the auditorium. I had no idea my classmates even knew how to dress up, owned dresses and suits, or even knew how to style their hair since we all literally “scrub it” every day. WE WERE ALL LOOKING FLOSSY. Pun intended.

With an onslaught of Facebook pictures from the event, my friends online now see I have this rad jacket and most definitely think I AM a graduated dentist.

To my close friends and family members, this coat represents a wealth of knowledge they can tap into during the holidays when they tell me all about their tooth aches and other oral maladies. I simply cannot wait for Thanksgiving this year when I see my cousin Will and he asks if I can do his fillings for him right there.

The ceremony was beautiful; an opulent auditorium filled with flowers, keynote speakers of high importance, proud families and friends, and a whole class of aspiring dentists. So even though I don’t feel any more competent in the practice of dentistry, I do feel a huge sense of accomplishment in my life thus far. These people believe enough in my abilities as a servant of the public to place upon me the White Coat. Something I will wear with pride, honor and integrity. A job this light-hearted, dancing machine of a man will take very seriously.

I am in a new place, knew no one in Ann Arbor before June 27th , I’m at the top dental school in the U.S., I study more hours than I sleep (who sleeps anymore?), I am greatly indebted to the government, but morale is high. I couldn’t ask for a more lit fam to be with in this formative time in my life. Much love to you all and GO BLUE!!!

Mark Ash is a D1 with approximately one month of dental school under his belt and jokes for days. To check out the rest of the White Coat Ceremony pictures, click HERE.
To read the story, click HERE.

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