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Home to Hygiene- Mohammad’s Story

August 15, 2017

My journey started when I first came to the US in 2013. I came here as means to escape the war in my country, Syria, and to continue pursuing my educational goals. I faced a lot of challenges assimilating to the new culture but I overcame the obstacles I encountered with the help and the support of people that surrounded me.


Chicago Dental Society, Midwinter Meeting 2015

After attending Dental Assisting program at Washtenaw Community College, my desire to expand the knowledge I earned in the field of dentistry inspired me to continue my path and to apply for the Dental Hygiene Program. I am so excited to start my journey in fall 2017 at University of Michigan. I know that a lot of good things will be waiting for me there. I am ready to use all the resources that University of Michigan provides for its students to succeed through the program. The University of Michigan Dental Hygiene Program is a part of a nationally recognized dental school at a top research university. Valuable opportunities such as going on rotations within the Dental School to specialty clinics, learning more about real-world hospital dentistry, learning from experts in the fields of dentistry, and working with dental students, which increase the interaction with our future colleagues, has a great appeal to me. A Michigan degree will open the doors for me in the future for many reasons. Firstly, hiring managers know that U-M graduates are well educated and well prepared for the responsibilities of their new career.

I will also be part of the Dental Hygiene “family,” where I will hopefully develop lifelong relationships and where I will be part of many dental professional organizations such as the American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA) which is the largest professional association representing all dental hygienists. Attending the dental hygiene program will undoubtedly open a lot of career opportunities in the future in my interest.


Volunteering at Indiana MOM Mission of Mercy Free Dental Clinic 2015

Being from a community oriented culture, I have been raised to care for others. Growing up in a needy family in Syria made me aware of the challenges facing other students and families throughout their lives. In addition, the need to rise and succeed through life’s challenges has instilled in me a long-standing work ethic and sense of responsibility towards others. My ultimate goal upon my graduating from the Dental Hygiene program is to help underserved communities and the uninsured. With premium training from the University of Michigan Dental hygiene program, I will be prepared to utilize my skills to fulfill my ultimate goal of providing dental care to the most needy in my community.

Welcome, Mohammad, to the University of Michigan School of Dentistry!


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