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Day in the Life- Beginning a Hygiene Journey

May 24, 2018

A Day in the Life is a series highlighting the lives of our students.   From traditional to second career students, dental hygiene and DDS, take a glimpse into what it’s like to be a student at the #1 Dental school in the US.

Today is Thursday September 14, 2017. I wake up at 5:45 before my alarm even goes off. I find I am doing this more and more and instead of turning over to go back to sleep I try and use the extra minutes to adjust. Some days I study but today was just laying for a bit checking social media.

Oops! Used to much time checking e-mails and lying in bed. 6:10 I’m up to get dressed and get ready. I’m glad I take the time at night to grab out my clothes everything so I don’t need to rush too much. I want to leave early today since I keep hitting new traffic every day.

I do my make-up, braid my hair and brush my teeth. I go downstairs to make my tea and grab my breakfast. I then take my son’s lunch and snack and put them in his backpack and with that I am ready to go. But first I have to sneak in and say good bye to Luke, he’s five years old and adjusting to his new school since he just started kindergarten. I feel bad he’s still sleeping but I know if I don’t wake up he’ll be even more mad. I wanted to leave between 6:30-45 and so far I’m on track! Guess those couple extra minutes on the phone didn’t hurt. I go to say goodbye to Luke. He wanted extra cuddles since he is getting a runny nose and maybe even a cold. This is a bit hard for me as I would always be the one to stay home with him but now my husband will. He seems good enough,  I go to school. I let him watch some Phinneus and Ferb since I woke him so early and he doesn’t have to be up quite yet.

I’m out the door at 6:43 and time to listen to a podcast. I get to the bus just in time. I made the earlier one so I feel less stressed since I’ll have plenty of time to get everything organized for sim lab. Sim lab felt less overwhelming to me today than the first week. I like sitting near Baylie, we seem to help each other and work well. The peer teachers are getting used to me always having questions. Since I come with no dental experience I make sure to ask all the questions I can and take notes. I’m a hands on learner so I feel like lab is what helps makes things stick. The language already is becoming less overwhelming and starting to stick as well.

I use the break to check in on my son, his teacher puts up pictures and notes throughout the day and it helps keep my mind at ease. Today I took my first proficiency on the grasp and passed! That makes me feel such a boost of confidence. The locker room still seems a little crazy guessing what we need to bring to class, it’s nice that everyone gets along nice and is willing to help. I made sure to bring some snacks to help get though DH 210 lecture.

After lecture I hang out with Heather, Lacy, & Amanda and dance and sing. It’s fun to let off steam. I then planned to go to the gym and workout but my directions on my phone kept messing up and resyncing. But I did a lot of walking and seeing more of the campus. I stopped at Panda Express in the union and brought food back to the dental building. I decided to come back and study for a bit before meeting up to go over clinic binders. At 3:00, I went to the Binder meeting the DH 3s did. It’s super helpful to get the tips and help organizing. I know I’ll spend more time finishing my organizing when I get home.

Waiting for the bus now and taking a mental break listening to a podcast. Also working on meal planning for next week so I can go grocery shopping tomorrow after classes. After the bus ride I got in my car to drive home. I stopped for gas and then picked my son up from Kids Club, his after school daycare. I’m cat sitting this weekend so I went and took care of the cats, before finally heading home.

We arrive home at 5:00, I then go through my son’s school papers that get sent home and pack his lunch for tomorrow and toss in the laundry. While Luke is watching TV I decide to take a shower. It’s 5:40 now and I have about 20 minutes to order my clinic tools and do a bit of studying before making dinner. While making dinner I listen to my recordings in histology for Chiego’s class. I also go outside to water my vegetable garden, which is sorely lacking my attention. My husband, Ryan, texts me he left work late and he then ran into massive traffic. Luke and I still down for dinner and eat. After dinner Luke goes to take a shower and I sit down to review my notes from today and to read for DH 210 lecture tomorrow. When Ryan gets home we sit down with Luke to hear about his day at school. I then help Luke brush his teeth and tuck him in to bed.

I had to turn down an invite to go out with friends but I feel like I need more time to study tonight. It’s 8:00 now and I put on Chopped while I fold and put away the laundry. I then prep my backpack and grab my clothes out for tomorrow. I like to have everything ready so in the morning I don’t have to think about it. I then do a quick social media check. At 8:40 I finally finish and make a snack to eat while I finally can dedicate the rest of my time to making flashcards and study. At 9:30 I took a small break to double check my grocery list I wrote earlier and get my cans to return and reusable bags ready and in the car. I then go and wash my face and brush, floss, and rinse my teeth. Back to studying. I decide to end at 10:30. I check my emails and canvas and then off to sleep. Good night.

Jodi VanDuinen just finished her first year of the Dental Hygiene program.  Keep an eye out for an update on how it went!

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